Opening of the new materials library "La Matériauthèque"

Bar-le-Duc June 27, 2017 – OBER, the leading expert in decorative and technical solutions for interior design announces the opening of its materials library -La Matériauthèque - just outside Paris. Architects, designers, interior designers, and students can now discover the entire collections by OBER and its affiliate brands in an elegant and innovative setting.

Full-scale materials in the service of imagination

Housed in the former Marotte workshops located in St Ouen, La Matériauthèque offers a vast selection of wood, paper, metal, and resin decorative solutions for original ambiances.

Highly aesthetic and technical, this new exchange and office space showcases the Oberflex, Marotte, Pure Paper, and Staron brands. With around 2 000 products, it is a real source of inspiration and a unique creative space for architects, designers, and interior designers.

"This approach is an extension of the multibrand strategy we introduced at the beginning of the year. Our desire to respond to the increasing emergence of one-stop shopping is also the reason we are encouraging key influencers to take advantage of the way our products complement each other across one project," declared Clément Lescanne, OBER's CEO. "For all the people involved in a project, this is a real convenience in terms of delivery of service, availability of a single point of contact, and decision making.”

User-friendliness and optimal working conditions

La Matériauthèque is designed to offer optimal working conditions, as the entire Ober Surfaces collection is available on site.

This gives clients the ideal opportunity to explore the various products and textures in each collection in full size. Each product is showcased in real-life scenarios and can be touched and combined with one another in any project.

La Matériauthèque connects the different parties involved in interior design projects and facilitates decision-making in selecting materials.

Where ideas come to life

Visitors get the red-carpet treatment from professionals able to provide personalized guidance throughout all the phases of the project, from creating unique color tones to inventory management in case a product is included in a supplier's list.

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