Marotte and the environment

Marotte directs all its industrial process towards ecology and its research and development work towards eco-design.



1992, Marotte pursues a sustainable development approach, currently represented by the PEFC ecolabel. This label provides an ecological guarantee of the sustainable management of forest resources and the traceability of the wood used in our products. Sustainable forest management provides control over the ecological, economic and social effects of human activities on the forests and thus preserves the resources.


Marotte is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). This label provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, and allows an informed choice to be made in favour of products derived from environmentally appropriate management that is socially beneficial and economically viable.
This certification, obtained as part of a process initiated at the beginning of the year, now allows Marotte to satisfy the requirements of HEQ projects and to optimise its export strengths.

H.Q.E. Approach (High Environmental Quality)

Marotte products meet HQE criteria:

• Acoustic comfort:
Marotte products can be produced with perforations allowing improved acoustic correction. This solution meets the standard for absorption in a reverberating hall and for use in the building industry according to the NF EN ISO 20354, ISO 354 amendment and NF EN ISO 11654 standards.

• Low nuisance projects:
Marotte products are products processed in the factory and ready for installation. They do not require any additional cutting or processing on the work site. No nuisance and no waste are generated by installing our products; the only waste to be dealt with comes from our packaging consisting virtually of 100% wood and therefore non-polluting and easily recyclable.

• Visual comfort:
All Marotte products are based on real wood, of natural origin.

• Energy management, moisture content comfort:
Our wood-based products have intrinsically good qualities in terms of thermal insulation.

• Upkeep and maintenance:
Marotte products do not require any particular upkeep or maintenance and do not require the use of cleaning products.