Wonder Finish // New ! :

The Wonder Finish is a monocoat oil, without water nor solvent, which protects the wood and preserves its natural aspect. It also highlights the contrasts, the depth of the material as well as enhances the beauty of the wood veneer.

Wonder Finish Marotte

Marotte products with Wonder Finish included :
. Borg! Collection

Marotte products with optional Wonder Finish :
. Thin panels (Sylvaflex and Placorex)
. Standard and customized veneered panels
. Doors
. Ceiling tiles
. Carved Woods

Why choosing the Wonder Finish?

Aesthetics : it highlights the wood and its reliefs
Practical : Easy to apply on edge bandings
Performance : heat and water resistant
Ecological : VOC and formaldehyde free


Marotte has developed for several years water-soluble varnish to not emit chemical solvents in the air.
The water-soluble varnish used protects the wood and enhances it by customising the final finish (extra-mat or satin).
These products are completely harmless to humans and the environment.

Lacquer and soft:

Different colours and finishes are available (Mat, Satin, Soft: textured "extra-mat peach skin" aspect).

For any information regarding our finishes, please contact us!