Additional services


The visible edges must always be coated for an impeccable finish, a perfect aesthetic and effective protection.

Wood edging:
The edging can be strengthened with the non-woven polyester or pre-bonded with hot-melting glue.

Thick wood non-glued edging:
The thick wood edging gives the appearance of a small plank with identical technical properties: aspect, resistance to shocks.
Its flexibility gives it more varied uses without a loss of wood.


Varnish :

Marotte has developed for several years water-soluble varnish not to emit chemical solvents in the air.
The water-soluble varnish used protects the wood and enhances it by customising the final finish (extra-mat or satin).
These products are completely harmless to humans and the environment.
Lacquer and soft : 

Different colours and finishes are available (Matte, Satin, Soft: textured "extra-matte peach skin" aspect)


Marotte has reports and certificates of compliance for all its panels, issued by an accredited laboratory, CSTB (Scientific and Technical Building Centre).