Marotte makes single, double, unequal leaf and large dimension doors.
The Marotte door is a technical product formed of 4 materials:

1. Solid high-density chipboard core
2. Frame of exotic red wood
3. Siding of Isorel on 2 faces
4. Final cabinetry veneer

Solid core doors
The solid core doors used are of the 1/2 hour firewall type re-veneered on 2 faces.

A large choice of wood species is available for doors among Marotte's selections of natural, stained and reconstructed woods.
Marotte can also supply doors re-veneered with a decor (Sculpted MDF, Sculpted Wood, Bayadères). These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis by Marotte's design office.


The doors can be manufactured and bonded with other cabinetry panels for the same elevation in the same room.

portes appareillés panneaux bois


Marotte is able to make re-veneered doors in a wide choice of woods, with 20 mm thick solid-wood edges. In this case, a cross grained re-veneer is made before bonding the final veneer.
A door can be edged on 2 sides (vertical-pieces) or on 4 sides (vertical-pieces and cross-pieces).