Standard and customized acoustic panels

MP 005-65 and MP 005-95 are two models of micro-perforated acoustic panels which provide unmatched acoustic absorption while preserving the aesthetics of the wood as a facing. The 0.5 mm holes, spaced 2 mm apart are particularly discreet and are perceptible from only a few centimetres away.
The sound penetrates the panel through the multitude of micro holes (+/- 250,000 holes/m ²) and is channelled into the 12 mm diameter holes located in the core made of MDF.
perforated panels marotte

Available wood species:
- all Marotte's natural veneers
- all Marotte's tinted natural veneers
- all Marotte's reconstituted veneers

MDF 16 mm Bs1d0

. Panels: 3000 x 1200 mm / 3000 x 600 mm / 3000 x 300 mm
. Ceiling tiles: 600 x 600 mm
. Other formats: on request

17 mm

Plain MDF. Veneer and/or machining on request
Fire classification:
Euroclass Bs1d0

Hydro M1 varnish, mat or satin.