Processing of the wood

Choice of wood species

It all starts with the selection of the wood species: hue, dimension, structure of the pattern, character…each element is a source of differentiation and customisation of your project. It is the cutting of the logs which will give the veneer its final aspect. Marotte recommends you come and select the veneers directly in its workshops.

Depending on the aesthetic effect sought: structure of the wood (grain, slab, rotary) patterns, colours, reflections, Marotte realises the decor by assembling the sheets of veneer to each other using various processes.

Slicing techniques

technique tranchage bois marotte

From left to right: quarter cut: grain, quarter sliced, rotary


The veneers are cut and then joined together according to various processes. The jointing method determines the final appearance of the decor.
After selection of the veneer, Marotte produces the decor according to the customer's wishes and its technical constraints (layout of the panels).

Jointing techniques

Jointing techniques

Wood grain direction
wood grain direction